Firecracker 5000 Course

If   you   have   ran   the   Firecracker   5000   race   in   the   past   few   years   you   will   notice   a   change   in   the   course this   year.   We   will   starting   at   the   fountain   this   will   be   the   start   and   finish   for   the   race.   This   change   was brought   on   to   accommodate   the   large   number   of   runners   coming   through.   This   should   also   make   it easier   to   make   room   for   our   growing   number   of   10k   runners   to   come   through   for   their   second   loop without running into a crowd.
© Firecracker 5000 2012
Firecracker 5000

5k (once) and 10K (twice) Course

Starting line will be at the fountains (middle of the landing) Head south on Promeande Way (Branson Landing) toward Bass Pro Shops Continue south through south parking lot (by Bass Pro Shops) Keep traveling south west by Lake Taneycomo front going under Branson Landing Boulevard bridge Run across Branson City Park toward Lake Drive Continue west on Lake Drive Turn right at the end of Lake Drive on to Canal Street Turn left at the end of Canal Street on to Cliff Drive Take the next left on to Hawthorne Street Take the first left on Christopher Drive Continue on Christopher Drive until it ends and turns right on to Worthing Turn left on Lake Drive and return to Branson City Park, this time running through the middle road of the park Continue toward Branson Landing’s south parking lot Once on the south parking lot cross over to the Lake Taneycomo walk Continue running north on the service road and past the Branson Landing fountains toward Belk’s Once on the north parking lot run on the lot’s outer corner around to the starting line


Starting line will be in north parking lot (by Belk’s) Head south on Promeande Way (Branson Landing) toward Bass Pro Shops Turn around on the south circle and return to starting line Come around and cross the finish line going the same direction as when the race started. New Packet Pick Up Location ! July 2nd Academy Sports July 3rd Branson Tourism Center
& 10k